Valentine’s day…a day for love and self-love too!

Valentine’s day…a day for love and self-love too!

. valentines-dayArtist unknown

Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February each year and is a day to celebrate love for lovers all around the planet, and for men to be a bit more romantic too 😉

The origins of Valentine’s day are a bit muddled in time, and was probably a take on the Lupercalia celebrated by the Romans. Whilst the romanticism of it all is linked to a monk, St Valentin and his tragic love for the daughter of his jailor.

Truth or fiction, nobody really knows but the tradition to send a Valentine’s card has started in the 18th century in England!

Whilst it is great to have a day for romance (and 364 more), it is also great to be open to receive love if we are single, by simply allowing ourselves to love ourselves.

What? I hear you say,  self-love, is it not a bit narcissistic?
Not quite, like with healing, one has to heal their own wounds to be able to give healing to others, love is the same.
If we do not accept and love the person we are, how can we love unconditionally others?

Love is selfless, love is acceptance, love is balance and harmony. Love does not know control, love does not know emotional blackmail, love does not know boundaries of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation ….love is simply pure, strong and a soul contract.
Animals are capable of unconditional love and they can teach us so much about true love!


A good way to bring self-love and acceptance is to meditate , to train your mind to accept you as an unique human being, an unique person who can make a difference in our world, who can make others happy and who deserve happiness. Simple!

Another way, is to buy a rose quartz (polished) as this crystal is linked to the heart chakra and unconditional love, and do a small visualisation.

Please note that your crystal will need to be cleansed.
There are different methods, but the simplest is to put your crystal under running water and to ask your crystal for its help on an area of life where you need improvement or guidance.With rose quartz it will be self-love and love.

is a simple technique which allows you to project in your mind the results you would like to see.

When you have done a scan of your body, put your rose quartz crystal in your bra, near your heart.
Obviously for tritons, put your crystal on your heart covered by your hand.


Now you are going to imagine a waterfall somewhere in nature.
Listen to the sound of the water, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, hear the sounds of the birds and the animals around you, feel the vibrancy of nature, its power and its love.

As you approach the waterfall, you start to feel your heart chakra expanding, you start to feel relaxed and all the worries and tension of the last weeks or months have vanished.

You feel compelled to be underneath the waterfall for the water to cleanse and purify you. You are now feeling the myriad of water droplets on your skin, some of the droplets are pink, some are green, and they form a mist around you. The smell of flowers near the waterfall feels stronger, your body feels totally relaxed and you just enjoy the most invigorating and cleansing shower you ever had.

You feel that your heart chakra is totally opened and you feel unconditional love. Nothing else exists in your world now, just you, the waterfall, nature and feeling alive, happy and relaxed.

Take notice of beings, elementals or animals who may be present by the waterfall. If you feel and see them, ask them questions about love and wait for their answers (remember visualisations are safe so, do not be afraid).

When you have received the answers and thanked the beings/elementals/animals for their wisdom, enjoy a bit more the waterfall.

When you feel cleansed and simply happy, in your own time, open your eyes.
Drink a little water and remember to rebalance your energies (see visualisation)

**Please note that whilst some of you may have experienced feelings of love, happiness, others may have experienced some emotional outbursts and shed tears….which is good as it is a release mechanism and healing.**

Whatever you experienced in the waterfall, just release it all and simply feel your body alive and vibrant.

You can do this small visualisation as often as you like and even when taking a shower 🙂

Also keep your rose quartz in your pocket, your handbag, underneath your pillow, in your bra (for us mermaids) and often touch it and when you do, remember the sensations you had with your visualisation.
A bit of a top up on the go!

Happy Valentine’s day ❤


Spirituality and Activism

Spirituality and Activism

Here at Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, we have a mix of merpeople who are grass root activists (some belong to other marine organisations), we have light-workers, shamans, healers etc and we have people who simply love animals and want to help.
Combine the grass root activism with a strong spiritual background and you get a spiritual activist.

Meet Lizette, one of our mermaids, who has written a little blog about her activism both on the grass-root and spiritual front.


animal-rights-activists-lizetteWhen I say I’m a spiritual activist, some people may raise their eyebrows!
Grass root activism is something people understand, but spiritual activism? Really?

Yes one can combine the two!
As far as I’m concerned it works even better, because your spiritualism gives you the tool to help you cope with the difficult situations your grass-root activism leads you on.


dolphinarium2Picture courtesy of FreeSpirit

As a grass-root activist, every Sunday morning regardless of the weather or what is happening in my life, I stand with my friends in front of the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk/Netherlands, and we give flyers to the visitors, to educate them on the captivity of cetaceans.


15080433067_02d5956a5e_oOften from where we stand, we can hear the dolphins and other animals screaming and crying.
When I hear that my stomach hurts, my heart starts to pump harder and my whole being would love to yell to let the dolphins and other animals go. That captivity is wrong and no living creatures should experience that. It is a heartbreaking experience.

beyond-2However, armed with my spirituality and strong beliefs that one can change the reality, I am able to deal with these feelings.

For example, I used breathing techniques (slow breath in and out) and when I feel in a neutral space, I am able to send messages to the dolphins inside the dolphinarium, telling them that we are here for them and that we are fighting for them.

Since dolphins are very highly-sensitive spirituals beings, I know they can pick up my vibes and understand them.

It also works the other way around, when my energies are low or when I do not feel my best, they pick that up too and send me messages to hold on and stay strong. They tell me that changes are coming soon and that they are very glad for me being there for them. It always gives me goosebumps when contacts are made between the dolphins and me 🙂


zette-picI don’t know whether I could have done this weekly flyering without being spiritual, without my sensitivity.

A relaxed mind helps you cope with it all. It also keeps me going in the long haul.
Some people said that they are too sensitive for doing what I do and that they could never deal with that. We are all different, but I have turned things around and I have let my sensitivity and spirituality work for me. I try not to get angry, stay calm, be polite and always think about the reason why I do things like I do. The main reason is that the dolphins inside or outside a dolphinarium need me!


pagan-altar-1034856To keep my energies high I meditate regularly, join ceremonies at Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, listen to relaxing music and stay positive all the time.
I read a lot (to get myself educated) about meditating, healing, energy fields, healthy living, totems, dolphins etc…   I walk with my doggies and stay down-to-earth in everything I do.

How I meditate and do the ceremonies is something I will write about in a next blog.
Hope you will tune in again for that.

Love and light.


Water ceremony in support of Standing Rock

Water ceremony in support of Standing Rock

Many native tribes are united to protect water at the moment.

The Standing rock Sioux tribe is at the centre of the movement to stop pipelines on their sacred land.

As we all know, water is life, without it, no life on earth, simple.

We are going to do a collective water ceremony on 11.11 which is a very potent combination of number. It is also day of remembrance for all our fallen earthlings who fought for freedom.

The first part of the ceremony (the preparation) is on 10.11
The ceremony itself will be the following day.

Let’s unite together energetically with the natives and with all earthlings.
One world, one tribe united to protect the elixir of life and mother earth!

Full Moon in Aries visualisation

Full Moon in Aries visualisation


Tonight we have a strong and powerful full Moon in Aries 🙂

In order to do this visualisation, it is best to sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed (mobile on silent or off and placed in another room away from the area you are meditating in if possible).

Start by checking on your body as per our visualisation guide.

When you feel centred and calm, just gaze at the picture of a rotten boat.

Then close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in Taiji by the cove.

The cove is blue, the water is sparkling, and all the fishing nets have gone. The signs to tell people to keep out are gone too. The air is clean, the sun is shining, and you can hear the sound of the waves gently crushing on the sand. Everything is balanced and serene.

You start to walk towards the town centre, observe the houses, you notice that the factories where they use to dispose of dolphins have been replaced by shops selling crafts relating to dolphins and the sea, and by whales and dolphins watching businesses.

You continue your walk and then you arrive to a small place. There is a fishing boat, slowly decaying.


A group of school children in their uniforms are observing the boat. You stop and listen to their teacher. The teacher tells a story to the children of times when the town of Taiji used to hunt and kill dolphins.

The teacher also explained that baby dolphins used to be separated from their mothers by people and many babies were taken to prisons to dance for people.

Some of the children start to cry and are horrified, other are shaking their heads as they are baffled that this had be done to their friends (many of these children have been on a boat to see the dolphins swimming freely) whilst others ask more and more questions to the teacher.

times-on-sunday-23-12-2012-copyArticle courtesy of the Times On Sunday 2012

Then the teacher explained that the world grew tired of the hunting of dolphins and more and more people in Japan started to be unhappy about the hunt.

More and more people around the world were exposing the trade until one day, the people involved in it all decided to stop as less and less dolphins were caught, more and more dolphins were fighting back and less and less people were interested to see dolphins perform in aquatic circuses.

The people involved grew tired as they were getting older and whilst some retired, others decided to take people on boats to watch the whales and dolphins, in an ethical way. Others decided to protect and conserve and started to talk to their people.

Changes had truly started.


As you continue to hear the explanations from the teacher, you notice a clock with a date underneath.

Imagine seeing a date, a year or an indication of time when the hunt of dolphins will stop in our reality, in Taiji.
Be reasonable, change on this scale won’t happen overnight…..choose your time or year wisely.

After a last glimpse at the clock, you decide to walk back to the cove.

You sit by its shore and whilst listening to the waves, feel the sun on your face.

Send love to all the victims of this genocide (orcas, dolphins and pilot whales) and all the prisoners who are hold in the sea pens in Taiji, but also in dolphinariums, aquariums and tourist resorts all over the world.

Many nations used to do whaling or used to hunt and many nations have changed.
Change is inevitable and part of humankind’s evolution.


When you are ready, just gently redirect your intention onto your body, imagine roots growing down from your feet and deep into the earth. Feel that your body is energised and that you are grounded. Then wiggle your feet, shake your arms and body and in your own time open your eyes.

Drink a bit of water to re-energised you (water is healing).

Spend 5 minutes to just sit quietly reflecting about your visualisation, before resuming your activity of the day.

You may want to keep a journal of your visualisations and put down some of your thoughts, feeling and emotions.

Thank you for doing this visualisation today ♥



THINK BLUE bracelets

THINK BLUE bracelets


As the season of hunting dolphins in Taiji has started, many people are doing something to try to warn the dolphins about the boats.

Some people do  visualisations to connect directly with the collective consciousness of the dolphins.

Other people, simply try to “Think Blue” in order to shift reality (quantum jumping).


Thoughts produce energies, good or bad, and if many people think the same thing at a particular time for a prolonged period, reality will shift.
Think it and you will be it 🙂


To help you to concentrate on the colour blue, we have created a range of bracelets with the words “Think Blue” and semi-precious stones (Blue Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Blue Aventurine).

These bracelets are available on Etsy.



Healing to Tilikum

common wikepedia

As many of us know, the star of the film Blackfish, is slowly dying of lung disease in his tiny pool.

Seaworld announced on 8th March, that Tilikum was dying and that his body was not responding to antibiotics.

After that, SeaWorld went silent on Tilly’s health, instead concentrating on other amazing news which incidently, will not change the lives of the orcas in their bath tubs.

Then an update on 19th March was released. After pressure from people asking about Tilly, SeaWorld wrote updates on 9th April and 18th April on their website.

We are continuing to send healing to Tilly and to light candles for him.

Lung disease is painful and Tilikum’s quality of life is probably severely impaired. It raises questions about the care he is receiving from the vets.

If anyone had  the opportunity to watch Horizon: Should we close our Zoos? on BBC2 (UK) last Sunday (17th April 2016), the blatant lies told to the investigating jouralist by the chief vet at SeaWorld regarding orcas in their care, was enough to raise one’s blood pressure!

The sentience of animals is something that science has finally begun to recognise in recent years, so why on earth do we continue to see sentient beings behind bars?

Why do we ignore the true heart connection instead of an instant gratification of the ego?

Until we, as the dominant species on this planet, start to recognise animals as creatures with emotions, recognise that their freedom is as important to them as ours to us. Until we work on the ground to truly protect the environment and its creatures, many animals will lead a miserable life for the entertainment of earth’s less enlighten species: ours (sadly).

A warm hello

We are a group of passionate spiritual marine activists, from all over the planet, working together to reach cetaceans using animal communication, healing,  meditation and visualisation.
Our group is also composed of grassroot activists from different marine organisations.
Please go to our website to find more about Spiritual activism for the ocean