Healing to Tilikum

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As many of us know, the star of the film Blackfish, is slowly dying of lung disease in his tiny pool.

Seaworld announced on 8th March, that Tilikum was dying and that his body was not responding to antibiotics.

After that, SeaWorld went silent on Tilly’s health, instead concentrating on other amazing news which incidently, will not change the lives of the orcas in their bath tubs.

Then an update on 19th March was released. After pressure from people asking about Tilly, SeaWorld wrote updates on 9th April and 18th April on their website.

We are continuing to send healing to Tilly and to light candles for him.

Lung disease is painful and Tilikum’s quality of life is probably severely impaired. It raises questions about the care he is receiving from the vets.

If anyone had  the opportunity to watch Horizon: Should we close our Zoos? on BBC2 (UK) last Sunday (17th April 2016), the blatant lies told to the investigating jouralist by the chief vet at SeaWorld regarding orcas in their care, was enough to raise one’s blood pressure!

The sentience of animals is something that science has finally begun to recognise in recent years, so why on earth do we continue to see sentient beings behind bars?

Why do we ignore the true heart connection instead of an instant gratification of the ego?

Until we, as the dominant species on this planet, start to recognise animals as creatures with emotions, recognise that their freedom is as important to them as ours to us. Until we work on the ground to truly protect the environment and its creatures, many animals will lead a miserable life for the entertainment of earth’s less enlighten species: ours (sadly).


2 thoughts on “Healing to Tilikum

  1. I just recently watched the blackfish documentary, and it brought me to tears. I can’t stand to see humans treat animals like they are less than us making them perform tricks for us like they are just entertainment. Their health should be more important than a companies image. Great post

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