Tonight we have a strong and powerful full Moon in Aries 🙂

In order to do this visualisation, it is best to sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed (mobile on silent or off and placed in another room away from the area you are meditating in if possible).

Start by checking on your body as per our visualisation guide.

When you feel centred and calm, just gaze at the picture of a rotten boat.

Then close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in Taiji by the cove.

The cove is blue, the water is sparkling, and all the fishing nets have gone. The signs to tell people to keep out are gone too. The air is clean, the sun is shining, and you can hear the sound of the waves gently crushing on the sand. Everything is balanced and serene.

You start to walk towards the town centre, observe the houses, you notice that the factories where they use to dispose of dolphins have been replaced by shops selling crafts relating to dolphins and the sea, and by whales and dolphins watching businesses.

You continue your walk and then you arrive to a small place. There is a fishing boat, slowly decaying.


A group of school children in their uniforms are observing the boat. You stop and listen to their teacher. The teacher tells a story to the children of times when the town of Taiji used to hunt and kill dolphins.

The teacher also explained that baby dolphins used to be separated from their mothers by people and many babies were taken to prisons to dance for people.

Some of the children start to cry and are horrified, other are shaking their heads as they are baffled that this had be done to their friends (many of these children have been on a boat to see the dolphins swimming freely) whilst others ask more and more questions to the teacher.

times-on-sunday-23-12-2012-copyArticle courtesy of the Times On Sunday 2012

Then the teacher explained that the world grew tired of the hunting of dolphins and more and more people in Japan started to be unhappy about the hunt.

More and more people around the world were exposing the trade until one day, the people involved in it all decided to stop as less and less dolphins were caught, more and more dolphins were fighting back and less and less people were interested to see dolphins perform in aquatic circuses.

The people involved grew tired as they were getting older and whilst some retired, others decided to take people on boats to watch the whales and dolphins, in an ethical way. Others decided to protect and conserve and started to talk to their people.

Changes had truly started.


As you continue to hear the explanations from the teacher, you notice a clock with a date underneath.

Imagine seeing a date, a year or an indication of time when the hunt of dolphins will stop in our reality, in Taiji.
Be reasonable, change on this scale won’t happen overnight…..choose your time or year wisely.

After a last glimpse at the clock, you decide to walk back to the cove.

You sit by its shore and whilst listening to the waves, feel the sun on your face.

Send love to all the victims of this genocide (orcas, dolphins and pilot whales) and all the prisoners who are hold in the sea pens in Taiji, but also in dolphinariums, aquariums and tourist resorts all over the world.

Many nations used to do whaling or used to hunt and many nations have changed.
Change is inevitable and part of humankind’s evolution.


When you are ready, just gently redirect your intention onto your body, imagine roots growing down from your feet and deep into the earth. Feel that your body is energised and that you are grounded. Then wiggle your feet, shake your arms and body and in your own time open your eyes.

Drink a bit of water to re-energised you (water is healing).

Spend 5 minutes to just sit quietly reflecting about your visualisation, before resuming your activity of the day.

You may want to keep a journal of your visualisations and put down some of your thoughts, feeling and emotions.

Thank you for doing this visualisation today ♥