Here at Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, we have a mix of merpeople who are grass root activists (some belong to other marine organisations), we have light-workers, shamans, healers etc and we have people who simply love animals and want to help.
Combine the grass root activism with a strong spiritual background and you get a spiritual activist.

Meet Lizette, one of our mermaids, who has written a little blog about her activism both on the grass-root and spiritual front.


animal-rights-activists-lizetteWhen I say I’m a spiritual activist, some people may raise their eyebrows!
Grass root activism is something people understand, but spiritual activism? Really?

Yes one can combine the two!
As far as I’m concerned it works even better, because your spiritualism gives you the tool to help you cope with the difficult situations your grass-root activism leads you on.


dolphinarium2Picture courtesy of FreeSpirit

As a grass-root activist, every Sunday morning regardless of the weather or what is happening in my life, I stand with my friends in front of the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk/Netherlands, and we give flyers to the visitors, to educate them on the captivity of cetaceans.


15080433067_02d5956a5e_oOften from where we stand, we can hear the dolphins and other animals screaming and crying.
When I hear that my stomach hurts, my heart starts to pump harder and my whole being would love to yell to let the dolphins and other animals go. That captivity is wrong and no living creatures should experience that. It is a heartbreaking experience.

beyond-2However, armed with my spirituality and strong beliefs that one can change the reality, I am able to deal with these feelings.

For example, I used breathing techniques (slow breath in and out) and when I feel in a neutral space, I am able to send messages to the dolphins inside the dolphinarium, telling them that we are here for them and that we are fighting for them.

Since dolphins are very highly-sensitive spirituals beings, I know they can pick up my vibes and understand them.

It also works the other way around, when my energies are low or when I do not feel my best, they pick that up too and send me messages to hold on and stay strong. They tell me that changes are coming soon and that they are very glad for me being there for them. It always gives me goosebumps when contacts are made between the dolphins and me 🙂


zette-picI don’t know whether I could have done this weekly flyering without being spiritual, without my sensitivity.

A relaxed mind helps you cope with it all. It also keeps me going in the long haul.
Some people said that they are too sensitive for doing what I do and that they could never deal with that. We are all different, but I have turned things around and I have let my sensitivity and spirituality work for me. I try not to get angry, stay calm, be polite and always think about the reason why I do things like I do. The main reason is that the dolphins inside or outside a dolphinarium need me!


pagan-altar-1034856To keep my energies high I meditate regularly, join ceremonies at Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, listen to relaxing music and stay positive all the time.
I read a lot (to get myself educated) about meditating, healing, energy fields, healthy living, totems, dolphins etc…   I walk with my doggies and stay down-to-earth in everything I do.

How I meditate and do the ceremonies is something I will write about in a next blog.
Hope you will tune in again for that.

Love and light.



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