When working with dolphins during a hunting season in Taiji, many of us, spiritual activists or light workers suffer from compassion fatigue.

It is almost impossible as an empath and light worker not to feel deep inside our soul the pain and horror that dolphins go through during such a time. And today is no different, when dolphins are trapped in the infamous cove, facing a life in captivity or worst.

Without anthropomorphising dolphins experience in the course of a hunt or when taken into captivity, we know that as souls, these animals are suffering great injustice and spite, their free will has been brutally torn to shreds by humans.

Day in and day out during six months of the year, many of us help the dolphins in Taiji and by practising visualisation

However, despite our best efforts, there are days like today, when the news is not good and very upsetting. When you fly too near the sun, it burns and it is exactly what happens with many of us; compassion fatigue, feeling burned out and totally depleted of energy.

We are then presented with two ways to deal with the hunt in Taiji, either we let anger, hate or discord rule and control us, and then we are not better than the people who we despise as we are not able to control ourselves in order to help the dolphins or, we can choose to let go of these negative feelings or to transform them with love, peace and harmony, finding our centre again in order to communicate with dolphins and to send love.

Which way do you want to take?

Compassion fatigue is a real condition which can lead to depression at worst or to a lesser extent, feeling useless and worthless.


We have compiled a mini guide to detachment in order to help all the spiritual activists out there but, also animal rights activists, grass root activists, people working in rescue and people generally working with animals, to nurture themselves and to heal in the process.

This mini guide has 12 easy to follow steps to help keep the spiritual, emotional and physical balance needed in order to continue working with dolphins or for whatever causes you are fighting for.

Many of the steps have been tested but they require you to be focused and determined. To achieve peace and healing within yourself in order to continue your work with the causes close to your heart, you will need to be in a place of stillness and being in the present.

Lots of love to you all





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