The day before each calendar Full Moon, a water ceremony is a great way to connect to the essence and energy of water (bringer of life).

On each calendar Full Moon, many mermaids and tritons will connect on a vibrational level to collectively cleanse water.

With Love and Gratitude.

Mermaid T and ~O~



2 thoughts on “Sacred Water Ceremony

  1. What Mermaid Oephebia says is absolutly true. All these waters needs it and I don’t understand why the human don’t see how much the nature cares about us. She gives us water, fresh air, food and more.

    Well I say: Let’s help our oceans and nature before all creatures become mythical. I love the nature and the sea and whatever it takes: I do what I have to do to make the nature and sea a better place, because I do care and I love her, Mother Nature ❤️

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